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When Should I Tip My Movers?

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When individuals dine out, tipping has become almost an afterthought for many. Unless the wait-staff service hits the extremes of splendiferous or rotten, consumers often automatically apply a 15% or 20% gratuity to the bill.

However, since a move across the country occurs so infrequently in people’s lives, consumers often are puzzled on whether to tip professional movers—or what factors to consider when doing so.

Tip technique

When you hire a Michigan moving company, such as All Around Moving & Storage, you’re entrusting your valuables to the professional movers Ann Arbor residents have relied on for 30+ years. These moving pros pride themselves on A-to-Z service and satisfaction.

Unlike a restaurant experience, tipping your movers typically isn’t expected. However, recognizing and rewarding exemplary service always is appreciated. Defining an industry standard is a bit tricky, though, so here’s a list of factors to consider when deciding whether to tip your movers.

Great job?

As your Ann Arbor movers finish moving you into your new home, consider how the day went. Did the driver and crew arrive on time? Did they listen, ask questions, provide expert advice and make you feel at ease? Is everything where and how it should be? Did they go above and beyond? Are you impressed?

If you answered “yes” to most of those questions, you might consider tipping your Ann Arbor moving team. The amount depends entirely on your satisfaction level.

Tip tally

When deciding how much to tip your movers, consider the difficulty of the tasks. Did the movers encounter flights of stairs, tight hallways or complex conditions? If you had to move a piano, artwork or other fragile items, you might want to show your appreciation. Remember, All Around Moving & Storage has the piano movers Ann Arbor residents know get the job done right.

Consider the overall weight or how much you moved. Moving furniture across country is an interstate-moving given, but did your shipment involve particularly large furniture pieces? Did it take a long time? Moving heavy appliances and furniture throughout a long, hot summer day might warrant a larger tip. The more specific your requests, the more you might consider tipping your moving men.

Gratitude = gratuity

Determine whether you’d like to give the tip to the foreman or each of the pro movers individually. Some companies might have gratuity policies for your (or the workers’) protection, so check your contract or ask the moving company ahead of time. Also realize that the crew moving you out might not be the same one moving you in; make sure you tip movers while you have the opportunity.

Fuel & feedback

You can’t go wrong providing drinks, snacks or refreshments—but they’re not expected. Consider posting a glowing online review and mention the foreman (and any standouts) by name.

The best workers should be rewarded for their effort in making All Around Moving & Storage one of the best moving companies Michigan residents can count on. So, we appreciate feedback on their service.

After a hard day’s work, a tip signals gratitude and respect for their profession. Plus, it lets them know they did a great job!

Seeking movers in Michigan who take the utmost pride in their work? Look no further than All Around Moving & Storage, your go-to home mover among Ann Arbor moving companies. Whether you’re seeking to move to or from Grosse Pointe, Troy, Livonia, Dearborn, St. Clair Shores or elsewhere in Michigan, we’re the moving company Michigan residents trust. Contact us today for a FREE moving quote: 734.941.2280.

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