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5 Packing Tips to Protect Your Valuables

5 Packing Tips

Packing TipsIf you’re facing a move, you likely feel overwhelmed with how to efficiently pack all your worldly belongings into boxes and bags. There are ways to go about this methodically and effectively so that all your stuff makes it to your location in one piece. Check out these five packing tips to help make the process go smoothly.

Use the Right Materials

When packing your valuables, especially where glass is involved, rather than pack them in newspaper, go for unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap, as you don’t want to risk getting ink on your valuables. If using bubble wrap, place the bubbles out to avoid bubble marks on your glass.

Use the Right Size Boxes

Rather than cram what you can in one large moving box, purchase or find boxes in appropriate sizes for what you’re storing. For instance, invest in a box made specifically made for storing and shipping flat screen TVs, as they feature extra padding to shield the screen.

Add Enough Packing

If you gently shake a box filled with valuables and you hear clinking, you need to add more foam peanuts, bubble wrap or paper. Fill to the top so it doesn’t cave in, and tape the box closed rather than merely fold it under.

Mark all Boxes

Not all your boxes will be filled with valuables, but those that are should be marked appropriately so as to avoid mishandling. Boxes with clothing and towels can take a bit more of a beating, but your Aunt Mildred’s crystal vase or your husband’s ship-in-a-bottle collection simply can’t. Mark what’s inside the box, as well as which room it should go in once at the destination.

Hire Professional Movers

If you simply don’t have the time to pack all your valuables yourself, hire a professional mover to tackle all the details. All Around Moving and Storage helps with residential moves, corporate relocations and international moves. Not only do we move boxes and furniture to your new home, we’ll help you pack it all up too. As part of our packing services, we can efficiently and securely package your belongings so they arrive on time to their destination, undamaged and unharmed. Dealing with the mess of moving boxes and cartons yourself is such a hassle, especially when you’re trying to deal with other aspects of your move. When you rely on our packing services experts to handle this task for you, you get peace of mind knowing your household items and personal effects will be safe. Our packing and crating solutions can be a great fit for any size objects you may have, whether you have collectibles, photo albums, home decor items or artwork.

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