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Ann Arbor’s Premier Professional Movers

Are you seeking movers in Michigan who do it all? Welcome to All Around Moving & Storage. We’re tops among Ann Arbor moving companies. All Around Moving & Storage proudly serves the Ann Arbor area by offering premium moving services, including international, interstate and local moves. Our Michigan moving company provides honest and reliable service […] Read More

The Law Doesn’t Allow Us to Move Hazardous Items

“Unmovable” usually means inflexible. At All Around Moving & Storage, we’ve adapted the term to cover things we just can’t transport. Legally speaking, our hands are tied when it comes to putting certain belongings inside our big rigs and embarking on interstate moves. When you review the following items, you’ll probably see these restrictions make […] Read More

Beware Criminals Masquerading as Movers

“Do you have two $20s for a $10?” Hopefully, you’d never be duped by this deception. However, with thousands of dollars at stake, intelligent people who’d never be taken in by such a low-budget ruse might be swindled by a slick operator cleverly masquerading as a reputable Michigan moving company. Hard to believe? Well, government […] Read More

Rely on Our Job Relo Know-how

A proposed job promotion sounds terrific, but there’s a catch: Accepting your employer’s offer means moving cross country. You’ll want to ensure from the get-go this transfer truly benefits you and your family. Never relocated a significant distance for a job? Get on the right foot moving forward by knowing what an employer relocation package […] Read More

DIY Moves: Bargain or Boondoggle?

“DIY” culture is everywhere, so you probably memorized long ago what those three letters signify. But just because your favorite TV home-décor-show host constantly uses the abbreviation doesn’t mean it should be applied universally. Take tires, for instance. Adding air? That’s a DIY-er. Rotating and balancing? Go pro. Painting a playroom? You got this. Spreading […] Read More

Label Your Moving Boxes Like the Pros

Full service movers always offer expert packing as part of a complete interstate move. Think of it: All Around Moving & Storage’s pro movers skillfully placing your most cherished items within properly configured boxes with just the right amount of packing paper as protection. Still, some people prefer doing their own packing while leaving the […] Read More

Millennials Aim for Move-friendly Lifestyle

Clutching possessions for posterity? You can ease your grip. Here’s the reality: Millennials typically see their parents’ prized items as a ginourmous pain in the posterior. It comes down to values and taste. People born between 1980 and 2000 operate under a much different point of reference concerning ownership vs. the generations preceding them. The seemingly […] Read More

Don’t Let Destructive Moths Mess Up Your Michigan Move

Escaping a laboratory roughly 150 years ago, they first feasted on New England’s forests before blazing a trail of destruction westward and southward. Their hunger apparently knows no bounds. Sounds like an eco-disaster movie poster, doesn’t it? Well, this story is the real deal and, instead of coming to a theater near you, this menace […] Read More

Go Far with Ann Arbor, MI Charm

University towns often exude a certain bohemian charm, whether we’re talking coffee shops, bookstores, pubs or music clubs. Ann Arbor, Michigan, has all that…but so much more. Located slightly northwest of All Around Moving & Storage’s home base in Romulus, Michigan, Ann Arbor generates a strong blip on our radar screen of great places worthy […] Read More

56 Days to a Better Move

Moving doesn’t just happen. It’s a process. Since All Around Moving & Storage employs a time-proven pattern for transporting your belongings, we feel qualified to recommend steps you can take toward a smooth move. We call the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area home (Detroit isn’t too far away, either), but wherever you are now (and whatever […] Read More

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