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Pack Your Clothes for a Wrinkle-free Interstate Move

Enjoy repeatedly ironing clothes? Relish running the washing machine twice for the same garments? Like permanent stains on your favorite dress or suit jacket? If you answered “yes,” read no more. However, since you probably replied “no,” you’ll want to soak up our Ann Arbor movers’ clothes-packing guidelines. Donate clothes Before preparing to pack all […] Read More

Clobber Clutter to Maximize Your Move

Much of the interstate-moving process involves thinking ahead. As a result, it sometimes becomes a little too easy to ignore your current surroundings. Is it possible you’ve gotten used to a little bit of clutter? Maximize your move and boost your home’s selling potential by excising your excess. Conquering the overflow will make your home more […] Read More

When Should I Tip My Movers?

When individuals dine out, tipping has become almost an afterthought for many. Unless the wait-staff service hits the extremes of splendiferous or rotten, consumers often automatically apply a 15% or 20% gratuity to the bill. However, since a move across the country occurs so infrequently in people’s lives, consumers often are puzzled on whether to […] Read More

Storage Solutions Aren’t One Size Fits All

Selecting a storage solution to accompany your interstate move shouldn’t be a snap decision. You’ve spent time and money preserving and purchasing your possessions. Therefore, you want to carefully select a stellar storage facility to protect those prized items. Avoid a storage snafu As a cautionary tale of what might go wrong, consider the recent […] Read More

Children Need Support Before a Move Across the Country

Kudos on your promotion to VP. This hard-earned achievement brings financial rewards, but it also means a move across the country. Now you need to properly prepare your entire family for the pending office relocation—especially your children. As one of the premier moving companies Michigan residents rely on, All Around Moving & Storage has you […] Read More

Create a Crush-free Box to Protect Your Belongings

Two factors determine whether a packed box will protect your belongings during an interstate move: material and method. Avoid relying on low-budget boxes (such as beat-up empties from your local grocer, department store or liquor shop). Instead, invest in sturdy containers able to endure the rigors of relocation. Corrugated cardboard offers top-notch stability via three-layered […] Read More

Can a Broker Match a Pro Mover’s Capabilities?

Have you heard about what’s called a “moving broker”? This is a middleman who offers you a cost-of-moving estimate. Then he searches for a Michigan moving company to do the job. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Hold on a second. There’s a catch (or several). For starters, the broker has no skin in the game. A […] Read More

Plan Ahead to Achieve a Dynamic Delivery Day

People getting ready to move across the country usually spend more time thinking about ramping up vs. down. Packing and moving out (rather than unpacking and moving in on delivery day) occupies their time. But once those boxes are packed and placed on the Ann Arbor movers’ trailer, the pendulum starts swinging in the other […] Read More

Off-season Moving Offers More Options

Summertime is to cross-country relocation what rush hour is to city traffic: B-U-S-Y. Relocating September through April feels like a comfortable cruise in the country by comparison. Why does the year’s busiest moving period occur between May and August? Simple. Reliable weather + no school = primo combo. But the moving industry’s busy season isn’t […] Read More

Streamline Your Relocation Using Our Moving Checklist

Seeking a stress-free moving day? Organize! All Around Moving & Storage’s checklist for moving cross country goes a long way to helping you realize an enjoyable long-distance moving experience. PRE-PACKING Hold a garage sale before you start packing. Remember, you can hire movers or do it yourself when it comes to the packing portion of […] Read More

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