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How Do I Tip Movers?

tipping movers

If you’re moving in the near future, you may be wondering what to tip movers, or even if you should tip your movers. After all, you tip your Lyft driver, waiter, and stylist and none of them are hauling your living room furniture to a truck.

Unlike a ride-share or restaurant experience, tipping etiquette with movers isn’t widely known. While it should never expected, recognizing wonderful service is always appreciated. While there is no customary tip for movers like there is in the restaurant industry, deciding what to tip movers can be tough to decide. Consider the following criteria as you decide if and how you will tip your movers.

Was it a Tough Move?

While deciding about gratuity for your movers, consider the how had the move was. Was there a number of stairs your movers had to contend with, tight angles in rooms or hallways, or a particularly cumbersome piece of furniture? Was there a difficulty during your move that your moving crew solved with ease? Was it a super hot day or super wet or cold outside? All of these situations may warrant a tip if you were on the fence. For example, if you’re moving to Dutch Island, GA in the middle of July, you can plan on it being hot and humid when the truck rolls us to your new home. (Note: You also may want to have snacks and water or other refreshing drinks for your moving crew as they work, especially if they are moving you on a particularly warm day!)

How Did They Do?

As your moving crew finishes up, think about how your moving day went. Did the movers arrive on time? Did they make you feel at ease and listen to you, follow directions, and ask questions? Did they go above and beyond during your move? A tip might be something to consider if you can answer yes to most of those questions, or they otherwise impressed you. The amount is completely up to you.

How Much to Tip Your Movers (If You Decide to Tip)?

It’s completely up to you, but word on the street (truck?) is an average tip for movers for a local move tip is 5% of the total bill, and for a long-distance move, that range is between $40 and $200 per person depending on how large a job it is.

You can either tip each mover individually or give the money to the foreman for your move. A few moving companies might have policies in place about gratuity for your (or the workers’) protection, so ask your moving company or check your contract ahead of time. Keep in mind that the movers moving you from your old home may not be the same one moving you in to your new one; if you choose to tip, please tip your movers while you have the opportunity. If an individual mover worked especially hard, feel free to give that mover a slightly larger tip; otherwise, split the tip equally among the team.

Your decision to tip your crew is a highly personal one. If you do decide to give your movers a tip, know it will be well-received and sends a message that they have done a great job. After a hard day’s work, a tip can also signals gratitude and respect for their profession.

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