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Taking a Look at Corporate Relocation Trends in 2017

Thousands of people move every single day across the United States- and with new and more jobs on the rise, companies are both hiring and relocating employees across the world. In fact, in 2016, 20.2% of people that moved within the United States did so for a job, while 10.2% relocated for other reasons.


With the continued need for talent and company expansion, 2017 saw corporate relocation for a number of reasons. Additionally, technology is playing a major role in where people work as remote positions become more commonplace in the workforce. To this point, employees can work from almost anywhere in the world, making their flexibility an asset to the teams that hire them while increasing moves throughout the year. As 2017 comes to an end, here are some trends that we at All Around Moving, Inc. saw throughout the year:


  1. Jacksonville, Florida is a hub for young professionals that find the employment and cost of living to be attractive.
  2. Austin, Texas is quickly becoming a go-to location for work and lifestyle.
  3. Over half of the moves in 2017 were done during the months of May through September.
  4. The best days to move are Tuesday and Wednesday
  5. Entering 2017, the moves were broken up into 39% for interstate moves and 61% for local moves.
  6. Additionally, going into 2017 1-bedroom moves were on the decline drastically as 2 and 3 bedroom moves were on the rise.
  7. 96% of companies leveraged the Internet while planning their employee’s relocations.
  8. Close to two-thirds of employees declined relocation offers in 2017.
  9. Firms expected relocation numbers to increase significantly- including internationally- by the end of 2017.
  10. 48.6% of people surveyed by Zip Recruiter said they had considered relocation.
  11. Of the Zip Recruiter findings, they found these to be the reasons why people would relocate for a job:
  • Higher salary 66.3%
  • Cheaper housing 6.2%
  • More available jobs 4.6%
  • Better sense of community 3.5 %
  • Good weather 2.1%
  • Better schools 1.4%
  • Other 15.9%
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