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Five Tips for Safely Moving Furniture

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Five Tips for Safely Moving FurnitureAs you face the frantic pace of a move, one of the biggest challenges you’ll have is moving furniture without damaging it. We know a few things about packing, so take some suggestions from All Around Moving and Storage in order to protect your furniture from gouges, dents, and breaks.

1. Clean and Dismantle

Before you begin packing, take time to scrub, vacuum, and clean your furniture. Once everything is nice and clean, take it apart. A disassembled table is easier to move and less likely to be damaged than a table with all of its legs still intact. Just remember these steps to make reassembly easier:

  • Pack an owner’s manual with the furniture.
  • Tape hardware to the furniture so that it doesn’t get lost.

2. Use Padding to Wrap Wood Pieces

You can use many things for padding, such as towels, newspaper, old clothing, and rags. Wrap up the legs of chairs, knobby feet on couches, and everything else that protrude from the furniture and can’t be removed. Not only will this keep your moving furniture safer, but it will protect your walls as well.

3. Tie Down Loose Items

Broom handles, rakes, and lamps can all cause damage to your furniture if they are left loose to roll around in the truck. Tie or tape these items down and if there are still sharp edges, wrap them up.

4. Cover Edges and Corners With Cardboard

The original packaging for large framed mirrors and pictures is best, but cardboard can be fashioned to protect these and other corners. Take a look at your headboards, desks, and drawers as you pack. Any exposed edges and corners can be protected with cardboard that is cut to fit.

5. Use Padding Between Furnishings in the Truck

With everything carefully packaged, it will be time to load the moving truck. Use pillows, blankets, and other padding to prevent items from moving about and rubbing against each other.

For more information about safely moving furniture, contact us at All Around Moving and Storage. Our number is 1-734-941-2280.

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