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6 Tips to a Successful Corporate Relocation

When it comes to moving a corporate office, it’s usually a sign of growth and expansion, which is always a great thing! However despite the motivation to move into a shiny, new office- the fact remains that moving is a hassle. And for some, moving a business office- or corporate location- can be even more […] Read More

Moving With Kids

Moving all in itself is a unique experience. Moving with kids? Well that’s a whole other can of worms. While the prospect of moving to a new home can be both exciting and unknown for the adults, children understand the process least of all. By making them a part of the process, talking to them […] Read More

Educational Opportunities in Ann Arbor, MI

When relocating, picking an area with a good school districts is very important. It is one attribute of an area that will attract many new movers because sending a child to a respected school district is always important. Luckily, many places such as Ann Arbor, Michigan, have superb school districts that attracts any parent who […] Read More

The Hidden Costs of Moving

The Hidden Costs of Moving Relocating to a new home is a huge undertaking. There are countless things that have to be taken care of. From packing everything away in boxes to changing your mailing address to cleaning the new home, everything has to be taken care of before you can really settle in. Moving […] Read More

Moving Insurance For Your Ann Arbor Move

Are you concerned that something may happen to your belongings when moving home? Do you want to take out extra insurance ‘just in case’? Well, at All Around Moving & Storage, we’re fully insured when it comes to your move. However, there are a few options you can look at if you want further cover. […] Read More

Should I Change My Address Before or After I Move?

There’s so much to remember when moving home. Cancelling or changing utility bills, setting up with a new doctor and even saying goodbye to the neighbors are all aspects of moving which can be time-consuming, but must be done. Often, the paperwork side of things can get left to the last minute. For example, packing your […] Read More

Storage Problems to Tackle After the Holidays

With the festivities of Christmas and New Year behind us and with January in full swing, slowly but surely things are getting back to normal. However, maybe the gift-giving at Christmas has left you with lots of things and nowhere to put them. Maybe your kids room looks more like a jungle and the kitchen […] Read More

Should I Move During the Holidays?

Moving can be a stressful process no matter what time of the year it is, but moving during the holidays can be particularly tough. Organizing your Christmas festivities round about the move can be difficult, but as long as you keep organized and on top of things, your move should run smoothly. At All Around […] Read More

Top 5 Breakable Items

You may be a bit of a klutz and find that you break things from time to time. If so, it’s important to look after your belongings carefully to try and avoid any breakages. At All Around Moving, we’ve put together the top 5 most breakable items, so be careful! Glass Of course, glass needs […] Read More

Top October Activities in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is home to around 120,000 people. With this in mind, there are a lot of activities and things to do on offer all year round. If you have just recently moved to the area, or are planning to shortly, at All Around Moving, we’ve put together a list of the top activities […] Read More

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